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How to get acquainted safely on the Internet and not to become a victim of scammers or stalkers?

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Hi all. Online dating services are convenient platforms for finding friends and partners. On the other hand, they have scammers and bots that try to trick users. Because of this, some dating may end up in trespassing or even violence. Can you recommend a dating site that doesn't have this?

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Study what data the app collects and shows to other users. Evaluate how acceptable it is to you. For example, some applications show how many kilometers away you are from other users. You can find a verified app at, because that's where I looked. I signed up, created a profile and now I am dating in peace and I haven't fallen into such cases.

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Choose proven dating apps and sites. The AppStore and Google Play have ratings and reviews that allow you to assess the popularity of the app and get information about the creators.