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    Sorry you’ve got this issue. This was always going to happen – although you’re the first person to contact us with this issue – so you’ve really got me thinking. I’m certainly very keen that you don’t lose any data.

    With the current version of the app, the short answer is that all access to your data is through the PIN. We don’t provide any back-doors (to let you in or get the data out) or PIN reset mechanisms as it compromises the privacy which the app is there to provide. We also don’t capture any information about you so we can’t verify your identity.

    You’re correct that the app stores the files within its own file area on the device, so:
    + Deleting the app would cause data loss.
    + We don’t apply encryption to the files – although I’m not sure if later versions of iOS may be doing this behind the scenes. I’ve never tested what you’d be able to access on a “Jail-broken” device – our goal is privacy, not weapons-grade security.

    I suspect we can do something, but we’ll have to find some means of verifying you’re the app owner. Can you email me off forum at rich(at) and I’ll see what we can figure out.



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